Quick Start

Need help with getting started with Birthdayy? Read this quick Introduction!

Step 1. Add a Birthday

Once Birthdayy has been added to your server, add a birthday using /birthday register with the required parameters Day and Month. Optional you can add a Year. That allows you to submit the very first birthday date in your server and also let you check if the bot’s custom emojis are working.

If you want to add the Birthday of another User, add the optional User Parameter to the Command. (Manage Roles permission required)

Step 2. Set Up An Announcement Channel

For the bot to be able to show the birthday announcement on the day of the birthday, it’s needed to have an assigned announcement channel. By typing /config announcement and then choosing the channel to your liking, Birthdayy will be able to successfully remind the server of the member’s birthday.

Step 3. Choose A Timezone

As the default timezone of the bot is UTC, servers in different parts of the world are required to pick the timezone of their region for the best announcement timing. Using the /config timezone command, you can select your desirable timezone with a simple click.

Step 4. Test you Birthdayy Configurations

You can test the current Configurations that you have previously set up in Step 3 with the command /birthday test.

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