Register your Birthday

In this quick guide, you will learn how to register your Birthday or other Birthdays

Adding your birthday is one of the simplest tasks that can be done with the bot. Using the command /birthday register and then adding the date of your birthday using the format, birthday will automatically add your birthday to the server's birthday list!

For example, if your birthday is on April 29th 2008, your command should look like /birthday register 29.04.2008

Once you enter the command, your birthday will be announced in the specific server on the day of your birthday for all the members to see and wish you a happy birthday!

The Birthdayy bot is a per-server bot. This means that if a few of the servers you're in include BIrthdayy, your birthday date will appear on only the ones you register on, NOT the other ones.

Hiding your Age

If you wish to keep your age a secret, Birthdayy has your back! Taking the same date as in the previous example, by typing /birthday register 29.04.XXXX Birthdayy will accept the date and your age will be safe and sound!

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