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This page lists all usage and information about Birthdayy's commands. For more information, visit the corresponding help page

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  • Arguments in < > are mandatory.

  • Arguments in [ ] are optional.

Prefix: /


All general commands of Birthdayy.

/guide A simple guide to guide you on how to set up the bot.

/help [commands] Need help with commands? (subcommands are not supported, at the moment)

/status Show the status of the bot commands.

/vote Vote for Birthdayy!

/invite Invite the bot!

/support Join the support server!

/feedback Want to review Birthdayy? Feel free to leave some feedback!

/suggestion <suggestion> Have a suggestion for the bot, let us know!

/bugreport <bug> File a bug report to the server developer.



All subcommands of the /birthday command.

/birthday register <day> <month> [year] [user] Register users' birthday with the bot.

/birthday update <user> <day> <month> [year] Update users' birthday with the bot.

/birthday remove <user> Remove users' birthday from the bot.

/birthday list List all the users' birthday in embed format.

/birthday show [user] Show the user's birthday.


Birthdayy Configuration (for server manager only)

All subcommands of the /config command.

/config status To show the overall configuration of the bot.

/config logs <channel> To set the logs channel for the bot.

/config overview <channel> To set the overview of the Birthdayy bot.

/config announcement <channel> To set an announcement channel for the bot

/config ping-role <role> Configure the ping/ mentioned role.

/config birthday-role <role> Configure the birthday role.

/config timezone <zone> Configure the timezone region for the bot.

/config announcement-message <message> Change the default Birthday announcement message. (Birthdayy Premium requred). Available Variables: {MENTION}, {USERNAME}, {DISCRIMINATOR}, {LINE_BREAK}, {SERVERNAME}

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