Anything not working? Check out this Error FAQ Page to get the most common questions answered.

My Emojis are showing up as :emoji-name:

This is a common Error, that emojis are not showing up as emojis in Discord. There are some steps you can do to fix this issue.

Possible causes:

  • Everyone Role missing “Use External Emoji” Permissions

  • Bot Role disabled “Use External Emoji” Permissions

  • Channel disabled "Use External Emoji" Permissions

  • The highest Role of the Bot has disabled “Use External Emoji” Permissions

The most often Cause of this issue is Discord related. Go to the Server Settings 🠮 Roles 🠮 Default Permissions and check that the “Use External Emoji” permission is activated.

Something went wrong while registering the Birthday.

Get this Error while registering? As the Error suggests, you might have used a wrong date.

The correct format is: DD.MM.YYYY so for example 29.01.2003 for the 29. January 2003.

Still not working? Visit the Birthdayy HQ to get additional Support!

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